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Len wo and welcome! It gives me great joy in welcoming you to the Kosrae State Legislature’s website.

KSL is a unicameral legislative body and is one of the three branches of the Kosrae State Government. As mandated by law, its primary constitutional function is to make wise laws efficiently for the State’s benefits.


This website is intended primarily to inform, make public, and at the same time share the ins and outs of the legislative branch’s operations.


Today, as you already know, we are facing many adversities and challenges, whether it be economical, social, cultural, governmental, and so forth. At this escalating rate, it is us, THE PEOPLE, that are ever-affected. Whether it be policy-decision from the national, state, local leaderships, or private sector initiatives or whatnot, it is STILL the people being the most affected.


For such reasons, this website hopes to bring some light to the public on what’s been happening, especially in terms of legislative actions for certain bills or resolutions. Having said that, feel free to browse this website, for past and present legislative bills and resolutions. Again, I am very hopeful that this review would shed more light to all constituents.


Thank you and happy reading!”


With kind regards,



Tulensa W. Palik, Speaker, 12th KSL

KSL in Action